DMSTEX, Dallas County, Texas is managed by Duane Dieterich and Michiet Dieterich.  They bring 38 years of combined industry experience to the company.  This includes 22 years of experience in Oracle/UNIX consulting, development and administration in 13 different organizations, spanning 12 industries along with engineering and management experience.  Some of the industries and organizations include:


·         Motorola (now Continental Automotive)

·         Geo Specialty Chemical in Atlanta

·         SBC (now AT&T)

·         U.S. Long Distance (now Quest Communications)

·         City Public Service (CPS)

·         USAA Federal Savings Bank (FSB)

·         USAA Investment Management Company (IMCO)

·         Citi Corp

·         Bloomberg Financial (Isogen)

·         U.S. Army

·         U.S. Air Force (USAF) Recruiting Service (AFRS)

·         U.S. Air Force Warfare Center (AFIWC)

·         The Psychological Corporation (Pearson)

·         Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)

·         ThinkSpark

·         BIF Technologies

·         Bright Byte Consulting, Inc./Alcatel- Lucent

·         Enkitec

DMSTEX, Dallas County, Texas is an Oracle database focused company ( Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.