Database Design and Generation Service

DMSTEX provides Oracle Database Design and Generation Services (DDGS). We offer Oracle based solutions because of its reliability and scalability from the smallest of installations to the largest record breaking systems. The Database Design and Generation Service includes:
  • Database Schema: Database object definition in SQL and PL/SQL including: tables, indexes, triggers, and packages. 
  • PL/SQL API: Includes procedure and optional function calls for insert, update, and delete using table row buffers and individual columns. 
  • Test Data: Random sample data to assist with development testing.  (We can also help with load modeling and capacity analysis.)
  • Maintenance Forms: Basic query, insert, update and delete on all tables. Also includes LOV and navigation UI elements. This is all built into the database (APEX).
Added benefits of DDGS Database Schema and PL/SQL API include:
  • Temporal Database - including audit 
  • Bi-Temporal Database - including audit 
  • Quantized Date/Time 
  • Package Based Discrete Domains 
  • DML undo on Primary Keys 
  • DML Enabled Sub-Type Views and PL/SQL APIs 
  • Natural Key Update-able Views 
  • Full Procedural PL/SQL APIs 
  • Full Path Hierarchical Data 
  • Automatic US7ASCII Conversion 
  • APEX Data Maintenance Forms and Reports 

Demonstration Videos  (Includes Installation Scripts)

  1. DDGS Deliverables Demonstration - 15 Minutes
  2. DDGS Generated API Demonstration - 12 Minutes
  3. DDGS Generated Data Handling - 12 Minutes
  4. DDGS Generated Subtypes - 9 Minutes
  5. DDGS Generated History/Audit - 11 Minutes

For more on Temporal Continuity, see Temporal Database

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